N. Lake Drive
One-Hundred Per Mile Club : Meeting Photos - Thanks to Bob Tenges and Jim Del Balso for taking these photos  (click on photo to enlarge)

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A happy group!

Bob Birmingham & Alice Preston

Tony says 'you look better from the front'

Tom Kovacs, Bill Wuesthoff, Ron Pace

Dick Pleister, Tom Spiegel

John Seaman, Jay Rhodes, Ray Hoeper

Bill Schley, Paul Roller

Frank Burany, Steve Zautke, Dick Burany

We eat well!

Tom Kovacs, Tom Spiegel, Dan Argall

George Bruggenthies,Bill Wuesthoff, Ron Pace

Scott Andrews, Jimmy Stephenson, Greg Russo, closest 3 guys


'Now you turn your hands this way to make a right turn"

MC Tom Schultz

George; "We are going to have a great season next year at Road America"

Guest Speaker Tom Stephani

Nickey Chevrolet from the air

Bill thanking everyone for coming