N. Lake Drive 100MPH Club : Meeting Photos - Thanks to Jim Del Balso (World's best Dentist !) for submitting some of these photos  (click on photo to enlarge)

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"Head" Table clock wise from front;

Sandy Schley, Bill Schley, Robin Miller, Russ Lake, Tony Machi, Jim Beaudoin, Bob McKee, Rick Parsons, Don Devine, Harold Zimdars

Todd Flemming, Carroll & Carl Jensen

Tom Schultz

Tony Machi, Russ Lake, Jim Beaudoin

Matt & Dick Burany

Augie Pabst, Russ Lake, Robin Miller

Bill Schley, Doug Schuh, Clyde Stephen

Bill & Robin

Bob Flemming

Hosts Bob Flemming & Gary Hawk

Don, Mike, Bob, Vic

Doug Schuh, Clyde Stephen

Gary Glojek, Peter Konkel, Oscar Velez

Happy Group!

Harold Zimdars, Curt Gonstead

Harold Zimdars, Jack Bowling, Gary Hawk

Jim Peychal, Paul Roller

Larry Janicsek & Robin Miller

Bob McKee, Rick Parsons

Club MUGS for Sale!

N. Lake Drive 100MPH Club MUGS for sale

Road America Programs Poster

Robin Miller

Robin Miller

Russ Lake, Jim Beaudoin, Frank Burany

Lovely Sandy Schley

James Swant, Paul Stewart